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Committed to improving health

Medentech is committed to driving a significant positive health impact globally by improving access to safe drinking water and reducing surface contamination by developing, manufacturing and marketing cost effective disinfection solutions. This will be done while generating a fair return for our shareholders and an excellent working environment for our staff.

Medentech is committed to improving human and animal health globally. This will be achieved by reducing contaminants in water to make it safer to drink and by reducing the spread of infection on surfaces in Clinical, Food and Catering Services and Farm environments. Medentech has a vast library of technical studies which we make available to our customers.

  • Medentech promises to help protect patients and staff from harmful microorganisms in hospitals and other clinical surroundings. We offer a range of high level, broad spectrum, disinfectant tablets for surface infection control such as Klorsept and Klorkleen effervescent disinfectant tablets and Esteer manufactured liquid disinfectants including medical device disinfectants.
  • Klorsept and Klorkleen are high level, broad spectrum, surface disinfection solutions, ideal for use in all  hospital critical care areas and non critical areas as well as for food and catering services.
  • Medentech is committed to reducing suffering associated with water borne diseases by offering innovative and cost effective products at point of use. Aquatabs is the World’s No. 1 brand of water purification tablet with applications suitable for households and emergencies.  Each year  over 1 billion Aquatabs are used globally.
  • Animal health can be compromised when harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites contaminate drinking water. Medentech understands the importance of good hygiene on the farm and the benefits associated with safer drinking water for animals. Agrisept is a product developed for the treatment of Mastitis in cows and Aquasept is for the treatment of drinking water for animals on the farm. We provide our customers with substantial independent studies which confirm significantly increased growth rates in farm stock through the use of Aquasept.


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