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Medentech offers the world’s technical and quality gold standard in disinfectant tablets. Each disinfectant tablet is clinically formulated by scientists in our on-site R&D facility to reduce contaminants in water or on surfaces.

Our ranges of high level broad spectrum disinfectant tablets kill harmful bacteria on surfaces to help reduce the spread of infection in clinical environments. Surface disinfectant tablets also help promote food safety in food and catering outlets. Medentech is the only European Company to have successfully passed the new 3 - part soil test for Clostridioles difficile spores & TB in 4 minutes
*Using our disinfectant tablets to disinfect hospital surfaces

Adding water purification tablets at the point of use or at the water source in water systems will reduce microorganisms to make water safer to drink. Medentech was the number 1 supplier of disinfectants to the 2014 West African Ebola crisis. 
*Testing completed according to US EPA Product Performance Test Guidelines OCSPP 810.2100”

It is vital to incorporate effective infection control programmes in a medical environment to minimise the risk of cross-infections to patients, staff and visitors. Such programmes will reduce the incidence of mortality and morbidity associated with nosocomial (hospital acquired) infections.

This is obviously an ethical necessity, but an effective programme will also reduce the costs to a medical institution, and free up beds that are otherwise occupied by a patient who has acquired a nosocomial infection.

The UK National Audit Office advises that 9% of hospital patients acquire a nosocomial infection. This is equivalent to 100,000 infections per year. Of the 10,000 European patients in intensive care, 45% contracted a nosocomial infection.

Water Disinfection Example:

If the cost of an Infection Control Programme = €300,000 (250 bed hospital with 8,000 admissions) Nosocomial infections average an extra 4 hospital days per infection. At an extra cost of €750/day, the total cost = €3000 per infection.

Assuming 9% nosocomial infections, there are 720 infections each year at a total cost of €2,160,000 The break-even cost/saving occurs at 100 infections per year. An effective infection control programme will include surveillance activities, control procedures and best practices. Validated disinfection procedures are an integral part of any programme of infection.

Advantages of Medentech tablet disinfectants.

  • Efficacy 
    Klorsept & Klorkleen have independently proven efficacy as a high level broad spectrum disinfectant in critical care environments. They are more effective than bleach, H2O2, ClO2, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds and PAA even at lower doses. Medentech maintains a very large library of independent studies and reports that are made available to customers.
  • Residual killing power 
    Klorsept & Klorkleen are not deactivated by organic matter or cloth as other disinfectants can be.
  • Shelf–life 
    Klorsept lasts three years in a tub or five years in strip form. When diluted in water Klorsept retains its power significantly longer than other disinfectants. Klorkleen has a two year shelf life.
  • Size 
    Tablets are small and light. They save you transport space, storage space and weight. You can hold enough tablets to make 1000lt of disinfectant in the palm of your hand.
  • Safety 
    Klorsept & Klorkleen will not spill or burn as bleach and other chemicals do.
  • Simple to use & exact, no measuring required. 
    Just add one tablet to water and you’re done. (Watch them fizz). Liquid concentrates on the other hand are difficult to measure and may be over or (worse still) under dosed.
  • Cost Effective Disinfection Solution 
    Klorsept & Klorkleen offer you a cost effective disinfection solution.
  • Technical back up 
    You do not need to be an expert in disinfection. Medentech will provide you with all the technical knowledge required. A free response service for hospitals with particular disinfection problems or questions is also provided.
  • Trusted
    Medentech tablets are used in hospitals and emergency services throughout the world. Medentech were the largest supplier of disinfectants to the Ebola crisis in West Africa.
  • Quality 
    Medentech is a medically licensed GMP producer with ISO9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012 certification. Manufacture takes place in a state of the art pharmaceutical standard factory. Raw materials are of the highest standard.
  • Conference Speakers 
    Medentech offers customers, expert presenters on cutting edge infection control issues for local conferences.

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