Regulatory Services

Medentechs regulatory department are expert in global registrations of disinfectant products for numerous applications. Our experience in registration extends to all major markets such as the EU, USA, Canada, Middle and Far East, Australia, South America and Africa. Within these markets, our products are regulated under many authorities and complex regulatory systems; we have extensive experience with authorities such as EPA (USA) Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia), DEFRA (UK), HPRA (Ireland) and ANVISA (Brazil), and in regulations such as the Biocidal Products Regulation (EU) and Medical Device Directive (EU).

In addition to our regulatory experience, our regulatory specialists are fully qualified scientists with expertise in areas such as chemistry and environmental science, which are vitally important in the understanding of our products and their effects.

Medentech has and continues to work in all aspects of regulation including registration of own brand products, support in registration of customer brands, support with technical queries and investigation of regulatory requirements for new products, markets and applications. We also support all existing registrations for as long as required, keeping up to date with any new requirements that are introduced, and supporting all requests from customers and authorities in relation to our marketed products.

Contact: Sinead Whelan Buckley