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  • Overview 
    Septrivet is a tablet which is added to water to kill harmful micro-organisms.It can be used as a wipe, dip or spray. It has proven efficacy against Foot & Mouth Disease, Swine Vesicular Disease, Newcastle Disease, General Orders and Avian Influenza. It is used for the disinfection of footbaths, vehicles, equipment, fittings, animal houses, structural elements, walls and floors.
  • Presentation 
    Septrivet tablets are available in 2 tablet strengths: 1670mg and 8680mg depending on the volume and nature of water to be treated. Septrivet® are packed into tubs with lids and have a 3 year shelf life.
  • Label Claim 
    Medentech has validated the effectiveness of Septrivet for environmental control of pathogens by carrying out a comprehensive in vitro test programme on a wide spectrum of micro-organisms of significance to the farmer and consumer.

Environment Disinfection 
Litres of water treated per tablet 
Disinfectant solution strength:mg/1(ppm)



Septrivet 17 (1670mg)200402010321
Septrivet 87 (8680mg)10002001005015105

Septrivet is DEFRA approved