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  • Agrisept MC is a disinfectant for use during milking, to provide efficient and effective control over mastitis pathogens.
  • AgriseptMC is licenced by the HPRA (Health Products and Regulatory Authority of Ireland)with VPA number 10928/1/1 and ATCVet code QG52A.
  • Presentation 
    AgriseptMC tablets are packaged in branded foil strips, 10 tablets per strip in cartons of 100 tablets or in tubs of 100 tablets.
  • Label Claim 
    AgriseptMC tabs are 5g effervescent soluble tablet which are diluted in water for use as: o as a teat and udder disinfectant for the control of mastitis in lactating dairy cattle, sheep and goats. o as an aid in the healing of lesions of teats and udders.
  • Directions for use and dosage 
    Each tablet is dissolved in a specified volume of water, according to the following dosage chart:
Before Milking                                  
                                               No of Tablets             Litres of Water
Pre-Milking udder wash
a) During Mastitis Outbreak11
b) Routine Mastitis Prevention110
Pre-milking teat spray11
Pre-milk Teat Dip
a) During Mastitis Outbreak21
b) Routine Mastitis Prevention11
After Milking                                  
                                               No of Tablets             Litres of Water
Post-Milking Teat Dip
a) During Mastitis Outbreak21
b) Routine Mastitis Prevention11

Post-milk Teat Spray Cluster Dip
a) Between Cows110
b) At end of milking110
Utensil Scrub/Rinse110


Validations and Field Trials 
In-vitro bacteria and micro-bacteria biocidal tests have been carried out by independent, accredited laboratories, in accordance with the international AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation) Standards.

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