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Kersia Ireland NaDCC effervescent disinfection tablets

1st product to pass EPA efficacy test protocol

From Michael Gately MD Kersia Ireland


“ This is something I might never see in my lifetime again.

A shock discovery that 93% of all hospital critical care areas have germs living on them in a dry surface biofilm, despite regular disinfection.  

These biofilms give germs 1000 times more protection, thus standard disinfectants such as bleach, Quats, H2O2 or ultraviolet light, simply don’t work.

The US EPA has developed a stringent test protocol for products which want to claim efficacy and I am delighted to say that NaDCC effervescent disinfection tablets from Kersia Ireland are the first and only product to have passed this test. This now brings a new generation of safer hospitals for vulnerable patients and lives will be saved”.

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