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Proper disinfection the last line of defence to Colisitin resistant bacteria

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Worrying number of people could be carrying bacteria with colistin resistance..

Guangdong provinces of China has highlighted that a worrying number of people could be carrying bacteria with colistin resistance. Over 17,000 samples were examined from patients, with approximately 1% of the test group harbouring colistin-resistant bacteria. Colistin is widely considered as one of the last option antibiotics. Colistin had been widely used in China in the agriculture sector to speed animals’ growth however it had been approved for use in hospitals earlier this year due to dwindling number of effective antibiotic treatments as a result of an increase in bacterial resistance. The spread of colistin resistance has since been noted in a handful of cases in the US. There are fears among experts that we soon could face a post-antibiotic era whereby infections could become a leading killer once again due to lack of treatment. In this scenario, defence against infections by the use of effective disinfection programmes in the hospital environment will be essential.