Committed to improving health

Medentech is committed to driving a significant positive health impact globally by improving access to safe drinking water and reducing surface contamination by developing, manufacturing and marketing cost effective disinfection solutions. Medentech is committed to improving human and animal health globally. This will be achieved by reducing contaminants in water to make it safer to drink and by reducing the spread of infection on surfaces in Clinical, Food and Catering Services and Farm environments.

Part of a strong familiy

Medentech is Part of Anti-Germ. Founded in Memmingen/Allgäu in 1938, today the Anti-Germ brand is synonymous with cleaning and disinfection in many countries. With 13 subsidiaries and a strong sales network, we offer more than 1,200 products, technologies, and services across Europe and China.

Our management holding company, Anti-Germ International GmbH, as well as our operating company, Anti-Germ Deutschland GmbH, are still based in Memmingen, where 70 of our 420 employees work.

We produce detergents and disinfectants for professional applications, which we sell both directly and through specialized retailers. Our size and expertise allow us to advise international companies, while also being a reliable partner for smaller businesses. 

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Webinar on WASH in Healthcare Facilities May 3rd

Medentech & the Global Handwashing Partnership present:

WASH Counts in Healthcare Facilities

Did you know that an estimated 15% of patients develop one or more infections during a hospital stay?

Learn how improved WASH prevents the spread of healthcare-associated infections, how to catalyze behavior change around proper hygiene, and how to improve safer conditions and services in healthcare facilities.

Beninese Association for Social Marketing, & Medentech will shine a spotlight on how they are innovating to improve WASH services and combat infection spread in health settings.