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Medentech is committed to driving a significant positive health impact globally by improving access to safe, clean drinking water and reducing surface contaminations by developing, manufacturing and marketing cost effective Disinfection Products.

Medentech develops and markets products in 4 segments: Water Purification / Water disinfectant, Human Healthcare- Infection Control, Animal Healthcare-Infection Control and Special Product Development. Medentech's brand, Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets is the best known and most respected water purification tablet globally and is trusted by millions of people every day to make their water safe.



Latest news

2nd Apr 2014 - Outbreak in Guinea
There has been a confirmed outbreak of the killer pathogen Ebola in Guinea. Klorsept and Klorkleen disinfection tablets are recommended as effective for disinfection of all hard surfaces where Ebola is a risk.


20th Dec 2013 - Water Meter Disinfection

Klorsept tablets from Medentech are suitable for disinfection of water meters.


18th April 2012 - Medentech launches Flogenic

Medentech announces the launch of Flogenic, a patented, revolutionary new system used to treat and make safe animal drinking water for the agricultural sector. The system does not require any power and has a simple quick connect install mechanism.



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