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Medentech offers the world’s technical and quality gold standard in disinfectant tablets. Each disinfectant tablet is clinically formulated by scientists in our on-site R&D facility to reduce contaminants in water or on surfaces.

Our range of high level broad spectrum disinfectant tablets kill harmful bacteria on surfaces to help reduce the spread of infection in clinical environments. Surface disinfectant tablets also help promote food safety in food and catering outlets.

Medentech is the only European Company to have successfully passed the new 3- part soil test for Clostridium difficile spores & TB in 4 minutes* Using our disinfectant tablets to disinfect water on farms, aids livestock growth and surface disinfection helps protect livestock from disease.

Adding water purification tablets at the point of use or at the water source in water systems will reduce microorganisms to make water safer to drink.

Medentech also manufactures German engineered and registered Medical Device Disinfectants and skin disinfectants.

Medentech was the number 1 supplier of disinfectants to the 2014 West African Ebola crisis.

*Testing completed according to US EPA Product Performance Test Guidelines  OCSPP 810.2100”

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