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Medentech is committed to driving a significant positive health impact globally by improving access to safe, clean drinking water and reducing surface contaminations by developing, manufacturing and marketing cost effective Disinfection Products.

Medentech develops and markets products in 4 segments: Water Purification / Water disinfectant, Human Healthcare- Infection Control, Animal Healthcare-Infection Control and Special Product Development. Medentech's brand, Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets is the best known and most respected water purification tablet globally and is trusted by millions of people every day to make their water safe.



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8th September 2014 - Ebola virus - why a high-level, broad-spectrum, temperature tolerant, fast acting disinfectant is needed.
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8th August 2014 - Klorsept Effective against Ebola Virus. Klorsept is a high level broad spectrum disinfectant that quickly kills a wide spectrum of micro-organisms including the Ebola Virus.
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27th June 2014 - Ebola Virus outbreak in west Africa. 400 people have died so far. Klorsept and Klorkleen are effective at normal dosage rates against Ebola.


21st May 2014 - New data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Read more



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